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West Java

Mekarwangi Arabica Coffee, Ciwidey, West Java, has very unique coffee characteristics. The character of Fruity – Orange coffee taste with a very strong floral fragrance. Provides an interesting taste experience on the tongue. The process of planting coffee based on natural and health by not using chemical fertilizers provides good health benefits for the body. Another story from this coffee plantation, coffee plantation activities provide many good impacts for the surrounding community and change the environment for the better.

Key details

Harvest months

Mekarwangi: April – May | Kubangsari: April – May | Rawabogo: April – May

Production Volume

20,0000 Kg/year

Main region

Mekarwangi, West Java | Kubangsari, West Java | Rawabogo, West Java

1400 – 1700 masl

Common Variety

Cattura | Typica

History of Coffee in Ciwidey Mekarwangi, West Java

Starting from a sense of the environment that began to be neglected. An environmentalist named Anis in 2012 made an initial step to move people to be more concerned with environmental conditions. Starting from a village called Mekarwangi. Seeing the potential of the geographical condition of the Mekarwangi village which has the potential to be used as a coffee plantation. Anis made an innovation to make people more concerned about the environment, by introducing the coffee plantation industry. Why is coffee the choice to restore the natural conditions for the better? The coffee plant is the choice because it has the characteristics of root plants that can bind the soil optimally. So as to reduce the potential for landslides, land shifts and floods.

Regional Approach

Early coffee production was focused mainly in Mekarwangi, Ciwidey West Java. Since these regions experience significant natural damage and a high potential for landslides, most coffee in Indonesia in the 19th and 20th centuries was processed using the Natural method.

In more recent times, growing interest in new flavours and a more competitive market has led many producers to offer other processes including Honeys, Wet Hull or Semi Washed and newer, experimental processes like fermentation. Some estates have found a new niche by processing the same harvest using several different processes. The appeal of a single harvest processed in different ways is that it allows consumers to experience the effect of processing on flavour more clearly.

Coffee for Environment and Community Development

This movement was initiated by inviting the community to plant coffee on unkempt land. Where this activity provides benefits for the surrounding community to get additional work. Of course, this activity has a direct impact on the environment, where the environment that was initially not maintained, gradually began to be cleaned, began to be planted with hard-rooted plants and started with organic-based treatments.

Apart from protecting the environment, the activities of the Mekarwangi coffee plantation have an impact on the social welfare of Mr. Anis’ fostered residents. Starting from education, economy, to family harmony, which Anis continues to teach. This has an indirect impact on the quality of the coffee. The slogan “serve with heart” gives a sense of enjoyment to every coffee fruit picked by the Mekarwangi coffee farmer.

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